Update on finding that job to love

If I’m brutally honest, I must admit it was a bit scary to get back to work. What if it was me? What if I just wasn’t capable of fitting into company abroad? What if I had grown so used to the freedom of not being in a job, I couldn’t get used to working life anymore? What if I didn’t set the right conditions for the job to love? What if I’d set myself up for failure? What if I couldn’t live up to the expectations?

The organisation ticked off every box on my wish list and even though all the signs appeared to be green, I did worry just a bit (I consciously say “just a bit”, because I did actually apply some lessons learned from my mindfulness and meditation efforts. Trying to live in the now, instead of in the past or future…).  I think I can safely say at this point, there was no reason to worry.

First of all, it’s just very nice to be part of a company that does extremely well. Makes me feel proud and somewhat humbled to be part of it at the same time. It makes me want to add proper value, just to earn the right to be able to say I’m adding a bit to that success.

From what I’ve experienced up until now, people in the company are genuine, kind, helpful and are motivated not to be d*cks. Management is as transparent as they can be, proactive in requesting feedback and make great effort to communicate effectively. We celebrate successes, thank people and give compliments for work well done. Very much carrots instead of sticks.

I have the privilege to head up a lovely team of eager to learn, smart people with a great attitude and I get to think of ways to make them shine even more. I get my teeth stuck into strategy plans, processes and trying to get all stakeholders on the same page. I hope to teach my team a thing or two and in all that feel supported by my superiors. I’ve read some more books (‘The first 90 days’, ‘Good to Great’, recommended readings by our CEO by the way…) to help me on my way with doing things that fit company culture. It might sound super boring to people who don’t share these interests, but this stuff really energises me.

I guess I just want to say that I love what I’m doing and I’m doing what I love. Of course, it’s still a bit scary to try to live up to expectations, but I’m making an effort to put everything in place to do just that.

My summary on what makes this a job to love (and on what I think would apply to a job to love in every field, for everybody):

  • An organisational culture that suits me
  • An environment that makes me want to be the best I can
  • Doing things that energise me (and I think I’m sort of good at…)
  • Getting the right support

Nb. I’ve added some hyperlinks to the books. They refer to you tube video’s that give you a quick summery

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